Pizza with Vegan Cashew Cheese: Inspired by Gather Restaurant


Gather is one of my favorite restaurants in Berkeley.  The restaurant has this great cozy ambience with lots of cool details.  The menu has a great mix of comfort foods, and incredibly creative pairings.  (Their vegan charcuterie is always fascinating, and while I can’t always figure out every component despite the helpful tableside guide, everything tastes amazing.)  Plus their cocktails are creative and multi-faceted and just fun to try.  My favorite thing at Gather though, is their vegan pizza with kalamata olives and cashew puree.  The cheese is melty and drippy, and tastes like… cheese.  I can’t explain it.  It’s … Continue reading

Homemade Veggie Sausage Pizza


Fake meats (think chik’n or fakin bacon) have always freaked me out.  Before I was vegetarian I could not understand why someone would rather eat substitutes than the real thing.  Since I’ve become vegetarian, all I can think is that those products are so full of gross chemicals and preservatives.  I like tofu and tempeh, and I’ve been interested in seitan, but I just can’t understand consuming lots of chemicals to eat a reproduction of a meat product. A few weeks back I saw that Cate had made her own seitan.  She made it look both simple and tasty.  As … Continue reading

CSA Special: Radish Pizza with Caramelized Onions, Arugula, and Gruyere


We’ve been getting a lot of radishes in our CSA box lately, and I can only put so many radishes in my salads.  Radishes have always called to me at the farmers market.  They’re just so darn colorful and cute, tucked amid the bunches and bunches of greens.  Red and pink and purple accent colors make all the other farmers market greens pop in the spring.  Radishes usually bring some of the first color to the farmers market, and every year, with absolutely no idea what I’m going to DO with them, I find myself walking away with bunches of … Continue reading