A Call for New Vegetarian Sandwiches


Sometimes I just want a sandwich.  This feeling usually hits on a Saturday afternoon.  When I was swimming regularly on Saturdays, I’d leave the pool exhausted, just trying to figure out where I could pick up a good sandwich.  I’m not normally a sandwich person, but the chlorine in the pool seemed to trigger old memories of summer camp.  Right after a swim workout I’d become fixated on the idea of a grown up version of an old camp lunch.  I wanted a delicious vegetarian sandwich, a bag of Pop chips, and an Izze.  Sometimes I even wanted a peanut … Continue reading

Spicy Black Bean Burgers with Blue Cheese and Avocado


The idea for these burgers came from a pieced together family barbeque.  The “kids” were sent off to the store to pick up some extra ingredients for the impromptu grill out, and J and I went on a search for veggie burgers.  At this point we realized we’re now totally useless in any grocery store that isn’t Berkeley Bowl.  I couldn’t find anything!  Friends finally helped us find the veggie burgers (near the fish sticks), and we grabbed some blue cheese crumbles (near the tomato sauce?!).  We got Morningstar Spicy Black Bean burgers, and they were great for a frozen … Continue reading

(Currently) Perfect Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese (with tomato soup!) is one of the ultimate comfort foods.  When I was little the cheese was American, and the soup was Campbell’s.  Since then I’ve spun off this perfect combination in many ways.  We’ve stayed more traditional, just swapping the American cheese for sharp cheddar, the white bread for wheat, and the Campbell’s for some easy but delicious roasted tomato and basil soup.  We’ve swapped out all kinds of cheese in the sandwich, and even added the tomatoes to the sandwich.  (I’ve made a killer sandwich with cheddar, gorgonzola and tomatoes for J).  The soups have covered … Continue reading