Cranberry Tea


The name cranberry tea doesn’t properly explain how wonderful this drink is.  The first time J had it, he described it as nectar.  It’s sweet and tart with just a hint of spice.  To me, it’s completely synonymous with the holiday season. My family had cranberry tea for the first time one night when we had dinner at a neighbors’ house.  Susanna and Alan lived next door to us in the new neighborhood we had just moved to.  Susanna is an amazing cook, and had actually published a collection of her recipes.  She grew up Pennsylvania Dutch, and her cookbook … Continue reading

A Vegetarian Riff on Stovetop Stuffing

stovetop stuffing

I grew up on Stovetop Stuffing.  The red box was totally integral to our holiday season.  My sister and cousins and I could demolish two or three boxes of Stovetop Stuffing all on our own.  We called the kids’ table the “black hole” completely in reference to our ability to eat stuffing. Look familiar?  Yes, I was that crazy person taking pictures of groceries in Target with her phone.  I’ve missed Stovetop stuffing since I stopped eating meat.  But really, it’s not made with the most recognizable ingredients. As I experimented with this stuffing recipe, I found that the dominant … Continue reading