Fresh Corn Salad with Halloumi Cheese


I hate corn on the cob.  Let’s be clear, I adore fresh corn, but I require it be off the cob.  Four years of braces left me with a horror of gnawing the delicious kernels off the cob.  No discussion of typewriter or rotary style here, please let me grill my corn and slice it off the cob to happily consume with a fork.  I love this method of making polenta from fresh corn, but rarely do I approach a summer weekend with that much ambition.  Summer begs for simplicity, just slice, assemble and eat.  If you’ve been in my … Continue reading

Polenta from Fresh Corn


Sometimes a recipe has to be well timed.  I come across dozens of recipes daily.  I pin a handful of them to make later.  If something especially strikes me, I’ll pin it to the “Dinner This Week” board which I consult when writing my grocery list.  This recipe reached out through the Internet and screamed “make me right now” very conveniently on Tuesday morning.  My local farmers’ market is Tuesday afternoon, so I carefully collected corn, tomatoes and eggplant along with my usual haul of eggs, peaches, strawberries and sourdough bread.   Yotam Ottolenghi wrote Plenty, a book which I … Continue reading

Tomato, Cucumber, and Mozzarella Panzanella


So I’m not actually a salad person.  This may come as a surprise, since I’ve just offered you blog posts about salad all week.  When I go out to eat, a salad is the last thing that I ever think to order.  I like salads, but I always feel like they’re so easy to construct at home that it’s silly to order one out.  In a restaurant, give me pizza, homemade pasta, or perhaps Gather’s vegan “charcuterie.” Something that’s a pain, if not down right impossible, to make at home. When I do eat and make salads, I like them … Continue reading

Tomatoes and Peppers Stuffed with Quinoa, Zucchini and Pesto


We’ve been over run with produce lately.  Between the bounty of our garden and our CSA deliveries, I’ve needed to come up with some creative, veggie heavy recipes.  A girl can only eat so many salads! This recipe used our kitten sized zucchini: Plus a full harvest from our crazy basil plants (which grew all the basil leaves we’d picked back by the next day) Our CSA box contributed tomatoes and some sweet gypsy peppers, and our pantry contributed the quinoa.  Every time I make quinoa I have to look up the ratio, so I’m writing it down here.  One … Continue reading

Fava and White Bean Salad over Polenta


Yum! When the CSA box came last week, I was psyched to see fava beans.  I love fava beans, but they are so much work.  At the time, I was stalling because I was nervous about my scheduled workout.  So, in order to postpone the run a little further, I shelled, and then shelled again.  I’ve loved fava beans since I first bought the furry pods at the Union Square Farmers Market in Cambridge several years ago.  I didn’t know what they were when I bought them the first time, but chef Google answered my questions, and I carefully took … Continue reading

Cornmeal Crusted Fillet with Tomato-Caper Sauce


A few weeks ago I read a number of different articles in the New York times about food.  This is an everyday occurrence for me; I usually read both the health section and the dining section of the New York times, plus anything Mark Bittman wrote.  On this particular day, I enjoyed an article on the Mediterranean Diet and an article by Mark Bittman on the various ways to cook a white fillet of fish.  Reading the Bittman article, I had a sudden flash of inspiration (and random flashes of culinary inspiration are rare for me, so this one was … Continue reading